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Yonaguni is a big country, surrounded by huge mountain ranges that nobody has ever crossed as far as the ancient records tell. The current ruler is Benton Allodium, decendant of the Allodium blood line, who have ruled Yonaguni for as long as most common folk can remember.

The country can be divided into several regions, each with its own landscape. And, although Yonaguni is very tolerant with respect to the humanoid races, each region has a different population. The pricipal region must be the Planum Basilei with the capital Raya where the king lives and court is held.

The regions of Yonaguni have seen many wars and conflicts, perhaps because the different peoples all needed to find their place in this vast country. These conflicts have shaped the culture of the land and many traditions and rites can be explained by looking at the past. Some old grudges do still exist, but most folks can get along without referring to the blood-shed of ages past.

Almost every religion is found in Yonaguni, leading to a wide exeptance of each. The biggest religion is the church of Pelor, where most races can find a safe haven in their times of need. There is a boundary on the freedom that each religion has and this boundary is guarded by the Watch of Faith who are charged with finding and punishing those who disrespect the freedom of the other religions.

Since so many conflicts have been fought in history, many different types of weapons have been put to use. Magic is one of these weapons and during the times of war, progress was encouraged by the leaders of each faction. This has resulted in some very powerful spells and a few decent universities that still do research into different types of spells.


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