Benton City

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This town is the main settlement on the island. It houses the governor, Marcus Vero and all the traffic from and to the island goes through Benton City. However as one looks around the white plastered houses it is obvious that the town needs some growing before it actually becomes a city.

In the north of the town, a fort has been erected that houses the troops which are at the disposal of Marcus Vero. The troops are mainly there to protect the town from any outside hostilities, but the task that keeps them busy is keeping the peace inside the town.

The entire west front of the city is dedicated to the harbor, where one military vessel lies anchored. The rest is used by all kinds of fishing boats and the occasional merchant vessel that comes to ferry goods and people to the mainland and back. Across from the docks, several shops have been erected that sell mostly basic equipment for further colonization.

Benton City

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